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Tea Monde Matcha 1LB

Tea Monde Matcha 1LB

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Tea Monde Pure Matcha story started about 70 years ago, when Hitoshi Horiguchi had the vision to grow tea on a small parcel of land, nearly 1 ha at that time and it was to make Japanese black tea. The time passed and one of his sons, Yasuhisa Horiguchi decided to grow more tea. As he increased the number of tea gardens and built his own tea factories for the unrefined tea and finished tea and the packaging. He could produce different types of green tea and even a Japanese oolong. 

Our Matcha is made in batches of only 5 at a time so that you get the freshest matcha possible. Our Matcha shares its rich umami balances well with its silky smoothness. Our Matcha is shipped from our farming to our door. Giving you an optimal flavour experience.

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