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Elevation:            1450 meters

Acidity:                3/5 - Moderate acidity nice balance

Sweetness:         3/5 – Naturally sweet coffee

Body:                    2.5/5 – A lighter body with a pleasant balance


Profile:                 Light Roast

Flavour:                This coffee is naturally sweet starting with a note of well-rounded ripe melon which moves towards a pleasant but subtle hint of Grenadine.                  

Process:               Eco Pulp                              

Region:                 Tarrazu, Costa Rica 


Regional Information:

Tarrazu is the fifth canton in the province of San Jose in Costa Rica. Tarrazu is in a pristine and misty mountain range with coffee farms ranging in elevation from 1400-1900 meters. The canton of Tarrazu is widely respected to produce some of the most exquisite coffee beans within Costa Rica due to the soil composition of volcanic loam and micro-climate with two distinctive seasons of rainy and dry. The height of the harvest season in Tarrazu runs from September to January. Each one of our farm partners in Tarrazu focuses their attention on farm management throughout the year and then delivers their cherry to the CoopeDota mill where traceability and quality control are second to none.

Our current lot was processed using an eco-pulped process, this is an environmentally friendly process that uses less than a tenth of the water than standard washing processes, to allow a clean and sustainable coffee for all of us to share!
Our Costa Rica Tarrazu roast; is a true gem within our range of amazing coffees. Let yourself be swept away on a sensuous journey to the heart of Central America. Experience the romance, the passion, and the beauty of one of the world's most exquisite coffees.

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