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Elevation             1600 Meters 

Acidity:                 2.5 – Balanced

Sweetness:          3.0 – Naturally Sweet

Body:                    2.5 – Well Rounded  


Profile:                 Medium Decaf

Process:              Natural decaffeination process  

Flavour:               This Medium decaf from Mexico offers excellent balance with pleasant notes of Vanilla & Marshmallow fading to a touch of stone fruit

When brewed, the experience provides a medium body and a smooth, slightly sweet taste.

Region:                Jaltenango de la Paz, Chiapas, Mexico


Regional Information: 

Jaltenango de la Paz is a region in Chiapas, Mexico that is known for its vast coffee farms throughout deep forests and shimmering streams. The region has a subtropical climate and fertile soil, which provides ideal growing conditions for coffee trees. The coffee trees in this region are typically shade-grown, which allows the coffee to develop a complex flavor profile.

The decaffeination process is a natural method, which means that the caffeine is removed using water and no chemicals are used. The coffee beans are soaked in water, which dissolves the caffeine, and then the beans are dried. This process allows the coffee to retain much of its natural flavor and aroma, while also removing the caffeine. This is the true essence of decaf coffee!

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